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Dataset from a survey of humanities researchers on their perspectives on research data management and sharing

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posted on 2022-10-11, 14:32 authored by Rebecca GrantRebecca Grant, Kate McKellar, Matthew Cannon, Katherine Burton, Eric Piper, Lois Elliott, Kiera McNeice, Stefan Einarson, Gearoid O Faolean, Victoria Smith, Kate Finn, Amy Doffegnies, Chris Robinson, Vicky Truter


This dataset comprises of responses to a survey conducted by the Humanities sub-group of the STM Association's Research Data Program in March 2022.

The survey was created by the sub-group which included representatives from academic publishers Taylor & Francis, Routledge, Wiley, F1000, SAGE, Brill, Oxford University Press, and Cambridge University Press, and intended to explore humanities researchers’ current knowledge, attitudes, and experiences of working with, generating, and sharing research data.

The survey was administered via SurveyMonkey and was open for responses from Monday 28 March to Friday 22 April 2022. In total, 422 individual responses were collected, consisting of quantitative and qualitative data. Survey respondents were asked whether their responses could be shared publicly, and 51 requested not to have their responses shared. This dataset therefore consists of a single Excel spreadsheet and includes 371 individual responses in total.