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posted on 18.01.2021, 18:55 by Moynuddin Ahmed ShiblyMoynuddin Ahmed Shibly
This is an open source - publicly available dataset which can be found at https://shahariarrabby.github.io/ekush/ . We split the dataset into three sets - train, validation, and test. For our experiments, we created two other versions of the dataset. We have applied 10-fold cross validation on the train set and created ten folds. We also created ten bags of datasets using bootstrap aggregating method on the train and validation sets. Lastly, we created another dataset using pre-trained ResNet50 model as feature extractor. On the features extracted by ResNet50 we have applied PCA and created a tabilar dataset containing 80 features. pca_features.csv is the train set and pca_test_features.csv is the test set.

Fold.tar.gz contains the ten folds of images described above. Those folds are also been compressed. Similarly, Bagging.tar.gz contains the ten compressed bags of images. The original train, validation, and test sets are in Train.tar.gz, Validation.tar.gz, and Test.tar.gz, respectively. The compression has been performed for speeding up the upload and download purpose and mostly for the sake of convenience.

If anyone has any question about how the datasets are organized please feel free to ask me at shiblygnr@gmail.com .I will get back to you in earliest time possible.