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Data from: The Global Avian Invasions Atlas - A database of alien bird distributions worldwide

posted on 2016-11-27, 21:28 authored by Ellie Dyer, David ReddingDavid Redding, Tim Blackburn

GAVIA_main_data_table.csv - This comma-separated text file contains the 27,723 alien bird records that form the core of the Global AVian Invasions Atlas (GAVIA) project. These records represent 971 species, introduced to 230 countries and administrative areas across all eight biogeographical realms, spanning the period 6000 BCE – AD 2014. The data comprises taxonomic (species-level), spatial (geographic location, realm, land type) and temporal (dates of introduction and spread) components, as well as details relating to the introduction event (how and why the species was introduced, whether or not it is established). Each line of data consists of an individual record concerning a specific alien bird species introduced to a specific location. The data derives from both published and unpublished sources, including atlases, country species lists, peer-reviewed articles, websites and via correspondence with in-country experts.

GAVIA_abbreviations.csv - This comma-separated text file describes the abbreviations in the main text of the 'GAVIA_main_data_table.csv'.

GAVIA_column_names.csv - This comma-separated text file describes the column heading used in the 'GAVIA_main_data_table.csv'.

GAVIA_references.csv - This comma-separated text file contains the full references referred to in the 'GAVIA_main_data_table.csv' column headed "Reference". - This compressed folder (.zip format) contains the species’ range maps stored as one ESRI shapefile per species (n = 362). Within these shapefiles are attribute tables which contain a unique species ID number and binomial which match up to the species ID number and binomial in the 'GAVIA main data table'.