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Data from: Interspecific variation in number of bristles on forewings of tiny insects does not impact clap-and-fling aerodynamics

posted on 2021-07-27, 02:31 authored by Vishwa Kasoju, Daniel Moen, Mitchell Ford, Truc Ngo, Arvind SanthanakrishnanArvind Santhanakrishnan

Appendix S1 (“AppendixS1_all_bristle_data.csv”; “AppendixS1_all_bristle_data.xlsx”): All phenotypic data used in the analyses of thrips and fairyfly wings. The CSV file is for replicating analyses in R. The MS Excel file includes a metadata tab that explains the variables and units.

Appendix S2 (“AppendixS2_bristled_wings_tree_simulation.R”): R code for replicating the phylogeny simulations for downstream phylogenetic comparative analyses.

Appendix S3 (“AppendixS3_all_family_list.csv”): A taxonomy of thrips and fairyfly genera. The file is used in Appendix S2 for simulating phylogenies. Taxonomic sources are listed in the methods of the published paper.

Appendix S4 (“AppendixS4_10000random_trees.tre”): The 10,000 simulated phylogenies used for phylogenetic comparative analyses in this paper.

Appendix S5 (“AppendixS5_bristled_wings_PCMs.R”): R code for replicating all phylogenetic regression and correlation analyses in the paper. This also includes code for replicating figures of phenotypic data.

Appendix S6
(“AppendixS6_bristled_wings_fxns.R”): Auxiliary functions used in Appendix S5. This file is called directly in Appendix S5 (i.e. no need to manually load the functions).


NSF CBET 1512071