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Data for Keiser and Pruitt 2014 - Proceedings B.xlsx

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posted on 2020-02-17, 14:32 authored by Carl Nick KeiserCarl Nick Keiser, Jonathan N. Pruitt
This file contains the raw data for every boldness assay performed on individual spiders, and then which spiders were chosen to form experimental colonies. Descriptions of each experimental replicate are included, including how long until the colony was eaten by predatory ants once they were placed in the field. The last three tabs contain the collective behavior assays.
In the "Prey capture assays" tab, there are 6 mislabeled cells:
Rows 224-225: Source colony should be "N10-A4"
Row 178: Colony composition should be "Bold"
Row 182: Colony size should be 10, composition should be "Shy"
Row 186: Colony composition should be "Bold"

This file contains the correct data, as validated from Keiser's original field notebook, and the errors in the file originally used for analyses are described in a correction to the Proceedings B paper:

Lastly, the data generated from this experiment were also used in separate analyses in a paper by Wright et al (2015) in Animal Behaviour ( The Proceedings B paper shows the results of colony-scale analyses of collective behavior, whereas the Animal Behaviour paper describes the results of individual-level analyses on task participation. We should have desribed this explicitly in our Methods sections.


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