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Data for "How Well Do Bibliometric Indicators Correlate with Scientific Eminence? A Comment on Simonton (2016). "

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posted on 2019-07-13, 22:12 authored by Marco Del GiudiceMarco Del Giudice
Bibliometric indices of 69 eminent psychologists born between 1842 and 1912.

Reputation, number of works cited, and total citations were computed by Simonton (1992) using 1981-1985 citation records (data obtained from Dean K. Simonton, personal communication, June 17, 2018).

The h-index was computed in June 2018 using Google Scholar. The search was restricted to the years between each author’s first and last cited publication. Author searches were repeated using the first name (e.g., “Gordon Allport”), the first initial (e.g., “G Allport”), and all the initials when applicable (e.g., “GW Allport”). Duplicate entries were excluded but multiple editions of the same book were retained.

Reference: Simonton, D. K. (1992). Leaders of American psychology, 1879-1967: Career development, creative output, and professional achievement. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 62, 5–17.


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