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Data for 'Building back bigger in hurricane strike zones'

posted on 10.12.2018, 16:17 by Eli Lazarus, Patrick Limber, Evan Goldstein
This data set accompanies the article 'Building back bigger in hurricane strike zones' (Lazarus et al., 2018).

In this repository we include footprint area of individual buildings measured from pairs of aerial photographs (taken 5–14 yrs apart) at five separate barrier-island locations along the US East and Gulf Coasts.

Table 1 lists the years in which the aerial images were taken, and the endpoint locations (latitude and longitude, in decimal degrees) for the sampled reaches at each site.

Table 2 lists the location name, a building ID, and the pre-storm and "final" 2017 footprint areas (in m2) measured from aerial images. (Note that the pre-storm image year is not the same for each location.)


UK NERC BLUEcoast project (to EDL; NE/N015665/2 )