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posted on 2019-08-07, 12:34 authored by Vanessa WerginVanessa Wergin
Data colums 1-14 contain demographic information related to participants (e.g., gender, age, handedness, volleyball league played etc.). Then, their scores on the MRF 3 are reported prior to receiving the PPR (PreWorried, PreTense, PreNotConfident) and after receiving the PPR (PostWorried, PostTense, PostNotConfident). Thereupon, accuracy scores for the serves prior to PPR are provided (PreShot1-10). The lower the score, the less the distance to the target. These scores are followed by the numbers of errors made prior to PPR use (PreOuts, PreNetzs, Pre_Errors). Accuracy scores for the serves after the routine are provided (PostShot1-10) and agin errors after PPR use (PostOuts, PostNets, Post_Errors). After this, the average accuracy prior to PPR (PreShotsDis) and after PPR (PostShotsDis) as well as SDs for both are provided (PreShotsSD, PostShotsSD). Last summarized anxiety scores for the MRF 3 (anxiety_pre, anxiety_post) and number of errors per player (Errors) are presented.