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Data Conservation Research Priorities for the Cape Floristic Region

posted on 2019-07-25, 13:59 authored by Nicky AllsoppNicky Allsopp, Jasper A Slingsby, Karen J. Esler
Data set 1 Questionnaire and invitation letter.pdf
This file includes the questionnaire to which people working in the Cape Floristic Region in the conservation sphere could submit up to ten research questions. The form also asked for some bibliographic information on the respondents professional lives. The respondents submitted anonymously. The questionnaire was delivered by google survey.

Also included is the letter sent by email to people working in conservation in the Cape Floristic Region inviting them to submit research questions they consider important to be answered in order to ensure the conservation of this region.

Data set 2 Respondent profile randomised anonymised

This data set contains anonymous bibliographic data of the respondents professional profile in conservation. This information is separated from the submitted questions to ensure questions cannot be linked back to respondents with an identifiable profile

Data set 3 Original questions
The priority conservation research questions submitted by respondents is listed with the final question derived through an inductive process. The original questions were edited before listing:
1. to omit questions with Yes or No answers that could not be reinterpreted as a research question
2. to split complex questions made up of several separate questions
3. to correct some spelling or grammatical errors

Data set 4 Word frequency in original Qs
The original questions submitted by respondents were searched for how many time certain words were mentioned in the questions.
In cases were there are several forms of one conceptual word the core of such word was searched for e.g. 'agric' for agriculture, agricultural. Where two words with the same root implied different things then the full words were searched for separately e.g. development and developer.
The words were grouped into broad categories to derive an indication of where the respondents' conservation interests lay.


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