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DMPTuuli user survey raw data 2016

posted on 2016-11-11, 12:37 authored by Tuuli Project, University of Helsinki

This is the anonymized raw data from the DMPTuuli user survey in October, 2016, organized by the Tuuli Project, University of Helsinki. The survey was sent to registered DMPTuuli users. The aim of the survey was to gather feedback, comments and suggestions from users for the further development of the tool in 2016 and 2017.

DMPTuuli is a tool for researchers and research organizations for creating data management plans (DMPs) implemented for pilot phase use in 2016. It is produced by the national Tuuli Project. the aim of DMPTuuli is to assist in data management planning at all stages of research. DMPTuuli includes generic DMP guidance and additional guidance provided by funders, organizations, and disciplines.

DMPTuuli is based on the DMPonline code, developed by the Digital Curation Centre in the UK.

Please note that the variables used are listed and explained under the data on the first interleaf of the dataset.


Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland, Open Science and Research Initiative (ATT)