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DEB-IPM project. Database of DEB-IPM model parameters.

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posted on 06.09.2021, 14:18 by Isabel SmallegangeIsabel Smallegange

What is the DEB-IPM project about?

How can we predict how populations respond to the ever greater changes in their environment? Within this project, we want to know which characteristics of organisms relate to population responses to environmental change. One way to find out is to analyse life history patterns using demographic models. However, depending on whether you model individual life histories from phenomenological descriptions (Salguero-Gomez et al. 2016; Paniw et al. 2018; Capdevila et al 2020) or from mechanistic descriptions using energy budget models (Smallegange et al. in press; Smallegange & Berg 2019), different predictions are obtained.

The DEB-IPM project aims to (i) unravel if energy budget descriptions of individual life histories consistently return different predictions on population responses to environmental change compared to when individual life histories are represented by statistical functions, (ii) understand why that is the case, and (iii) identify the most accurate way to predict population responses to novel environmental change. To this end, we support Bachelor, Master and PhD student projects in which students answer their own research questions, while at the same time expanding the DEB-IPM database to ultimately conduct large, cross-taxonomical life history analyses.