Computing in the Classroom: Coding for Kids

posted on 22.01.2018 by Shelley Olds, LuAnn Dahlman, Deb Graf, Becky Reid

Presentations from the Working Session @ ESIP 2018 Winter Meeting, Tuesday, January 9, 2:00pm - 3:30pm. Organizing presentation with discussion notes (Coding-in-the-classroom-gslides-ESIPWinter2018.pptx.pdf) and Presentations of actual classroom coding courses led by Becky Reid (block-coding-for-ESIPWinter-20018-Reid.pptx.pdf) and Deb Graf (esipDebGaff-Jan2018-coding-classroom.pptx.pdf)

Session information:

Computing skills are near and dear to the ESIP mission. The Education Committee is exploring how best to provide educator opportunities to learn Earth Science-relevant computer skills. The possibilities range from building story maps to basic coding to simple smartphone apps. These skills can help educators encourage their students to be creators of the technology around us rather than just consumers. In this session we will hear from current educators, discuss options for different computing curricula, identify the best fit for ESIP Education, and plan the workshop session for the 2018 ESIP Summer Meeting.


Shelley Olds: Introduction of project

Becky Reid: Block-coding language (Scratch)

Debra Graf: Collecting Data that Matters - Physical Computing

LuAnn Dahlman: ESRI Story Maps