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Colored chart showing the emergence of terminally differentiated cells in C. elegans from 200 to 400 minutes of embryogenesis.

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posted on 27.08.2016, 20:00 by DevoWorm
Emergence of Terminally Differentiated Cells in each cell type class, relative to the 400 minutes of embryogenesis. be 200 to 300 minute period is sampled at 5-minute intervals, while the 300 to 400 minute period is sampled at 30-minute intervals. Bottom of figure is labeled with the corresponding developmental stages and images of the embryo during select times.

Data sources:
[A] Cell Lineage and Timing Data, Nikhil Bhatla @ WormWeb.

[B] Annotations of Terminally Differentiated Cells. Stephen Larson & Mark Watts @ PyOpenWorm. OpenWorm Foundation.

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[2] Pictures of Closure of Ventral Cleft and Dorsal Intercalation. Figure 3 in Epithelial System Hypodermis (Epidermis), WormAtlas. http://www.wormatlas.org/hermaphrodite/hypodermis/mainframe.htm  Accessed on August 26, 2016.

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