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Codes and Data - Lebreton et al. Science Advances 2018

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posted on 2019-04-12, 07:57 authored by Maël LebretonMaël Lebreton, Shari Langdon, Matthijs J. Slieker, Jip S. Nooitgedacht, Anna E. Goudriaan, Damiaan Denys, Ruth J. van Holst, judy luigjesjudy luigjes
This folder contains all codes and data necessary to reproduce the analyses and results reported in Lebreton, et al. (2018) Science Advances.

[M. Lebreton, S. Langdon, M. J. Slieker, J. S. Nooitgedacht, A. E. Goudriaan, D. Denys, R. J. van Holst and J. Luigjes (2018) Two sides of the same coin: monetary incentives concurrently improve and bias confidence judgments, Science Advances ( ]

Please note that the codes needs Matlab R2014b or a more resent version, with the Statistics and Machine Learning toolbox.