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Code Sharing Survey 2020 - PLOS Computational Biology

posted on 2021-03-30, 10:09 authored by James Harney, Iain HrynaszkiewiczIain Hrynaszkiewicz, Lauren CadwalladerLauren Cadwallader
This data was collected by PLOS to understand attitudes towards code sharing by the computational biology research community and related disciplines.
The survey was conducted between 17th September 2020 and 1st October 2020 and was distributed to previous PLOS Computational Biology authors and other registered users.
Authors were screened based on whether or not their previous publications had generated code. Those authors that had not generated any code where disqualified after this question (Q6) and did not complete the survey.

Files in this dataset:
PLOS_code-sharing-survey-questions_2020.pdf - survey questions
Harney-et-al_Code-Sharing-Survey-2020-PLOS-Computational-Biology.xlsx - raw data from the survey.

Respondents were asked to specify which country they were located in. This data has been removed and replaced with continent level data. This has been done to remove the risk of identifying respondents based on combining answers to the survey. The report was based on the country level answers but does not include any identifying information, for example, the numbers of respondents from the USA was highlighted and regions may have been sub-divided, e.g. Central America, Middle East.
Free text comments related to question 14 in the survey ("Do you have any additional thoughts you would like to share?") have been removed.