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Chiral Cyclopentadienyl Cobalt(III) Complexes Enable Highly Enantioselective 3d-Metal-Catalyzed C–H Functionalizations

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posted on 2019-03-22, 00:00 authored by Kristers Ozols, Yun-Suk Jang, Nicolai Cramer
The synthesis of a set of cobalt­(III)-complexes equipped with trisubstituted chiral cyclopentadienyl ligands is reported, and their steric and electronic parameters are mapped. The application potential of these complexes for asymmetric C–H functionalizations with 3d-metals is shown by the synthesis of dihydroisoquinolones from N-chlorobenzamides with a broad range of alkenes. The transformation proceeds with excellent enantioselectivities of up to 99.5:0.5 er and high regioselectivities. The observed values outperform the best rhodium­(III)-based methods for this reaction type. Moreover, challenging substrates such as alkyl alkenes also react with high regio- and enantioselectivities.