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Characteristics of COVID-19 cases and controls.

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posted on 2023-08-03, 17:34 authored by Porfirio Felipe Hernández Bautista, Concepción Grajales Muñiz, David Alejandro Cabrera Gaytán, Teresita Rojas Mendoza, Alfonso Vallejos Parás, Clara Esperanza Santacruz Tinoco, Julio Elias Alvarado Yaah, Yu Mei Anguiano Hernández, Nancy Sandoval Gutiérrez, Leticia Jaimes Betancourt


The objective of this study is to estimate the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines in people treated within the social security system whose vaccination status was reported to the epidemiological surveillance system.

Study design

Case-control study.


This was a case-control study conducted. The records of individuals with suspected cases of COVID-19 registered in the epidemiological surveillance system between February 1 and June 30, 2021, were studied. RT–qPCR was performed to determine SARS-CoV-2 infection; those with a positive result were considered cases, and those with a negative result were considered controls. The ratio between cases and controls was 1:1.3. The crude and adjusted vaccine effectiveness was considered the prevention of symptomatic infection and death and calculated as the difference between the dose and the risk, with a survival analysis among vaccinated people.


A total of 94,416 individuals were included, of whom 40,192 were considered cases and 54,224 controls; 3,781 (4.00%) had been vaccinated against COVID-19. Vaccination also proved to be a protective factor against COVID-19, especially in the population who received a second dose (OR = 0.31; 95% CI 0.28–0.35). With the application of the vaccine, there was a protective effect against mortality (OR = 0.76; 95% CI 0.66–0.87). Disease prevention was higher for the BNT162-2 mRNA vaccine (82%) followed by the ChAdOx1 vaccine (33%). In the survival analysis, vaccination provided a protective effect.


There was a positive impact of vaccines for the prevention of symptomatic COVID-19, with a second dose generating greater efficacy and a reduction in deaths.