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Chaetoceros LSU and SSU reference sequences and metadata table

posted on 31.10.2018, 13:40 authored by Roberta Piredda, Chetan Gaonkar, Carmen Minucci, David G. Mann, Marina Montresor, Diana Sarno, Wiebe H.C.F. Kooistra
Fasta files of 18S rDNA and partial 28S rDNA sequences of strains belonging to species in the planktonic diatom genera Chaetoceros and Bacteriastrum. A table (S1 Table) with source information of the strains is provided, including strain code, collection site and date, source of the sequence data, GenBank accession numbers for (18S) SSU and (28S) LSU and whether the V4 and V9 regions are present in the 18S sequence.
In Press in PLOS One


FIRB Biodiversitalia (RBAP10A2T4)