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Centre du Quebec Forest Plots

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posted on 19.11.2019, 00:46 by Dylan Craven
In Centre du Quebec, we established 395 circular plots (each 201.06 m2) in 42 forest patches across the region. Each forest had between 8 - 14 plots; in each plot, trees greater than 10 cm at 1.3 m (or diameter at breast height, DBH) were identified to species. We harmonized species names using The Plant List with the R package "Taxonstand" (Cayuela et al. 2019).

In the dataset, we provide the following variables: forest patch id (patch_id), latitude and longitude of the centroid of each patch in degrees (patch_lat_dec, patch_long_dec), patch area in hectares (patch_area_ha), patch perimeter in meters (patch_perim_m), plot id (plot_id), species binomial (spp_binomial), species ID in TPL (TPL_ID), taxonomic status (taxon_status), and species abundance in terms of numbers of individuals (abundance).

If you use this dataset, please cite this article as well:
D. Craven, E. Filotas, V. A. Angers, C. Messier, Evaluating resilience of tree communities in fragmented landscapes: linking functional response diversity with landscape connectivity. Diversity and Distributions 22, 505–518 (2016).


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