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CarboGrove Glycan Binding Data

posted on 2022-03-01, 13:51 authored by Zachary KlamerZachary Klamer, Brian B. Haab
Data is three tables pulled from publication version of CarboGrove. These tables contain all the information available for the glycan binding data used in the analysis found in CarboGrove.

The main table "AllBindingData.csv" references DataID found in "AllDataInfo.csv" to link relevant dataset information (data source, glycan binding protein, and concentration) and GlycanID found in "AllGlycanInfo.csv" which gives the glycan structures both in raw format and several parsed/processed forms (IUPAC condensed, WURCS, and GlyTouCanID).

All references to data source are provided in "AllDataInfo.csv". Data can be found either as supplemental text to the papers linked, in the databases linked, or by searching available primscreen id in the CFG.