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CLIWOC Slim and Routes

posted on 06.03.2020, 20:02 by Dani Arribas-bel

This data package contains two derivatives of the original CLIWOC data product that make using it for visualisation and teaching purposes more convenient. The derivatives are the following:

  • cliwoc_slim: a version of CLIWOC 2.1 including only records with a longitude and latitude, a subset of the full variable list (YR, MO, DY, HR, latitude, longitude, ID, C1), and two additional columns, date with a processed date (YR-MO-DY), and dys_since_start with the count of days elapsed since the first record. The resulting file has a substantially smaller footprint.
  • cliwoc_routes: a transformation of individual logs by the same ship into a single linestring or route. Crossings of longitude -180/180 are dealt with. In addition to the geometries, start date (start), end date (end), count of records (records), country (C1), and length of the route in days (length_days) are included.

NOTE: this product is not intended for climatological or historical research as it makes certain assumptions that favor visualisation. For those goals, the original CLIWOC package is preferred.

Original Sources


This data package includes the following files:

  • cliwoc_slim.geopackage/mbtiles: Geopackage and vector tileset versions of the cliwoc_slim table, expressed in lon/lat (EPSG:4326).
  • cliwoc_routes.geopackage/mbtiles: Geopackage and vector tileset versions of the cliwoc_routes table, expressed in lon/lat (EPSG:4326).
  • cliwoc_process.ipynb: Jupyter Notebook with code required to create both tables in each file format.
  • README.md: documentation file.

Computational Platform

The code in cliwoc_process.ipynb can be run using the darribas/gds:4.0 Docker container with tippecanoe installed to create vector tilesets.