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Books published by the Faith Press

posted on 2021-03-04, 07:05 authored by Peter WebsterPeter Webster
This dataset is a record of the books published by the Faith Press from its foundation in 1907 until the cessation of its operations in 1973. It was prepared as part of a project funded by the Society of the Faith, of which the Press was part. To read more about the project, see

It is provided in two formats: CSV, and RIS. Please note the following differences between the two.

Firstly, the RIS file does not include individuals identified as contributors to a work (eg. of a single essay in a collection), whereas the CSV does. Both contain information about editors and translators.

Secondly, the RIS file records cases where there is doubt over the precise date of publication, in the form [1934?]. The CSV file, however, presents this simply as 1934.

The RIS file is sorted in the order in which records were originally created, rather than by author, title or date.

There are 1,371 records in total.

These datasets were created on 2nd Feburary 2021. Users should consult the Zotero version of the data which contains any corrections or additions made subsequent to that date. It may be found at


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