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Blood-based spectroscopy toward investigation of neurodegenerative diseases

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posted on 2017-08-16, 13:19 authored by Maria ParaskevaidiMaria Paraskevaidi, Francis L MartinFrancis L Martin
ATR-FTIR spectroscopy was used for the analysis of blood samples towards the investigation and differential diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases. This file contains raw and preprocessed data derived from patients with these diseases. Raw spectra were preprocessed to correct problems associated with data acquisition and further multivariate approaches were applied to study the respective datasets. The preprocessing of the raw spectra was performed within MATLAB software, using an in-house-developed IRootLab toolbox (

Abbreviations: AD: Alzheimer's disease; CBD: corticobasal degeneration; DLB: dementia with Lewy bodies; FTD: frontotemporal dementia; HC: healthy controls; MND: motor neuron disease; MSA: multiple system atrophy; PD: Parkinson's disease; PNFA: progressive nonfluent aphasia; PSD: progressive supranuclear palsy.


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