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BioShifts: a global geodatabase of climate-induced species redistribution over land and sea

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posted on 2020-05-12, 15:50 authored by Lise ComteLise Comte, Gaël Grenouillet, Romain BertrandRomain Bertrand, Jérôme Murienne, Luana Bourgeaud, Tarek Hattab, Jonathan LenoirJonathan Lenoir
BioShifts.zip provides the BioShifts database including (1) the species range shifts extracted from the literature (BioShifts.csv), (2) associated reference list (References.csv), and (3) an ArcGIS File Geodatabase (Study_Areas.gdb) containing one shapefile for each of the study area (Source).

Lenoir_et_al.zip provides the R scripts used to conduct the analyses in Lenoir et al., including (1) the taxonomic harmonization (/Analysis/0_Script_taxonomy), (2) the estimates per taxonomic class (/Analysis/1_InferRangeShiftByClass.R), and (3) the coupling with the velocity of climate change at the species level (/Analysis/2_SpRangeShiftExplanation.R).


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