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Beyond Attributable Risk: Study output data from International Futures (IFs)

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posted on 2016-02-13, 18:46 authored by Randall KuhnRandall Kuhn
These are output data for the paper "Beyond Attributable Burden: Estimating the avoidable burden of disease associated with household air pollution". The study was conducted in the International Futures (IFs) forecasting system version 7.01. This file contains specific outputs used in publication of the paper: 

1)forecast estimates of the total number of stoves by category (traditional, improved, modern) for each GBD superregion for all years 2010-2050 (worksheet labelled "Stoves")
2) forecast estimates of deaths in each scenario for 2010-2050 by sex for key causes related to Household Air Pollution (worksheet labelled "Deaths"). 
3) forecast estimates of Disability-Adjusted Life Years for each sex, cause, region group (worksheet labelled "DALYs")

 To use the full IFs model, visit Select version 7.01 to use the exact modeling conditions of this study and to see the cookstove scenarios.