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Baseline Dataset and Synthetic Images

posted on 23.01.2021, 04:18 by Kyle BradburyKyle Bradbury, Tyler FeldmanTyler Feldman, Jordan Malof, Wei HuWei Hu, Ada Ye, Eddy Lin, Jessie Ou, Jose Luis Moscoso, Natalie Tarn, Wendy Zhang
See the other two datasets in this project for more specific information.

Baseline dataset
Comprised of images (and the corresponding labels in labels) as well as the data in images_new and labels_new. The data in images was collected from the power plant satellite imagery dataset, and the data in images_new is naip imagery that was collected through EarthOnDemand and then hand labeled.

Modified Dataset
Contains all of the labels and images in the dataset, including the synthetic. Same as the baseline dataset, but supplementing training set with the synthetic images.


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