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Version 2 2022-05-16, 17:43
Version 1 2022-05-11, 14:44
posted on 2022-05-16, 17:43 authored by Christopher WatersChristopher Waters, Brian Hsueh

The dataset contains raw data values for the manuscript NMICROBIOL-21123099A, including main text figures and supplemental. The title and authors are as follows:

Phage defence by deaminase-mediated depletion of deoxynucleotides in Bacteria

Brian Y. Hsueh1#, Geoffrey B. Severin2#@, Clinton A. Elg3, Evan J. Waldron4$, Abhiruchi Kant4, Alex J. Wessel1, John A. Dover2, Christopher R. Rhoades1, Benjamin J. Ridenhour5, Kristin N. Parent2, Matthew B. Neiditch4, Janani Ravi1,6, Eva M. Top3, and Christopher M. Waters1*


NIH GM139537

NIH AI158433