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Astec-half-Pm1 (Cut at 2-cell stage, half Phallusia mammillata embryo, live SPIM imaging, stages 6-16)

posted on 09.07.2020, 21:59 authored by Patrick LemairePatrick Lemaire
Astec-half-Pm1 Live embryonic development of Phallusia mammillata (Phlebobranch ascidian).

Cell membranes were fluorescently labeled by microinjection of mRNA encoding PH-tdtomato and KTR-Clover into unfertilized egg. The embryo has been live imaged with a MuVi-SPIM for four hours, from the WT equivalent 32-cell stage (Tp 0, St. 6) up to the WT equivalent late Neurula (Tp 150, St. 16), at 18°C.

Whole cells were segmented using the ASTEC pipeline.

* The four angle fusion images obtained using the ASTEC pipeline are shared in .inr format (fuse.tar.gz archive file).

* Whole cells were segmented using the ASTEC pipeline and shared in .inr format (post.tar.gz archive file).

* Individual cell geometric properties are shared in pkl formats (properties.tar.gz archive file).


CNRS, INRIA, Agence Nationale de la Recherche, Fondation Schueler Bettencourt, Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale