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Assembled Illumina Short Reads

posted on 2021-03-02, 18:39 authored by A. Murat ErenA. Murat Eren, Florian Trigodet, Karen Lolans
Assembled Illumina short reads from human oral cavity samples processed using the state-of-the-art DNA extraction strategies for shotgun metagenomics described in the following study:

These two metagenomes are from the same individual's oral samples and generated from (1) the sample used for long-read sequencing of the same material to test HMW DNA extraction method 01 in our study (here named ORAL_ILLUMINA_METHOD_01_REPL_02_ASSEMBLED) and (2) the sample used for 16S rRNA gene amplicon sequencing (here named ORAL_ILLUMINA_TD_ASSEMBLED.db).

These contigs databases here includes sequences longer than 2,500 and which includes gene calls, HMM hits for single-copy core genes, and gene functions. Visit this page to learn what you can do with a contigs database:

PS: we also have a set of anvi'o contigs databases for unassembled and assembled long-reads generated from the same individual in different data packs. For their DOIs, please see the Data Availability section in our study.


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