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Articles with Ebola mentioned online anytime as tracked by Altmetric, with crowdsourced type of access and license

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Version 5 2014-08-13, 21:10
Version 4 2014-08-13, 21:10
Version 3 2014-08-13, 20:58
Version 2 2014-08-13, 17:25
posted on 2014-08-13, 17:14 authored by Ernesto PriegoErnesto Priego, Tomasz Lewandowski, Javiera AtenasJaviera Atenas, Andrés Delgado, Isabel Galina, John Levin, John Murtagh, Laurent Brun, Merinne Whitton, Pablo de Castro, Sarah Molloy, Sigmund Petersen, Silvia Gutierrez

This file was created, shared, coordinated and rapidly refined and edited by Ernesto Priego.

The main bibliographic and altmetrics data in this file was obtained using the Altmetric Explorer searching for mentions of "Ebola" anytime.

The Altmetric Explorer is available via

Ernesto Priego created the original report and shared it as this Google doc with the instructions in the ReadMe sheet on this file. He promoted the crowdsourcing of the access and license types of each article.

The crowdsourcing of this dataset was completed from Wednesday 6 August to Wednesday 13 August 2014.

This file contains the complete dataset of 496 bibliographic entries; one sheet with the 133 entries from the dataset found to be Open Access (this includes NC licenses) and one sheet with the 95 entries found to have CC-BY licenses. Users can use filters to find the different access types and licenses; data refining is likely to be required.

The original, crowdsourced version of this dataset is available in slightly different form at

The following individuals contributed to sourcing the types of access and license of each article; their names also appear next to the entries they verified:

Andrés Delgado @AndresDelgadoEC
Christof Schöch @christof77
Isabel Galina @igalina
Javiera Atenas @jatenas
John Levin @anterotesis
John Murtagh @LSHTMlibrary
Laurent Brun @laurentbrun
Merinne Whitton @LSHTMLibrary
Pablo de Castro @pcastromartin
Sarah Molloy @moragm23
Sigmund Petersen @sigmundpetersen
Silvia G. @silviaegt
Tomasz Lewandowski @t_lewandowski0
Ernesto Priego @ernestopriego

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.