Appendix 1-figure 9: Ppyr1.2 Blobtools results

2018-08-13T17:47:49Z (GMT) by Timothy Fallon Sarah Sander Lower
Given the recognized importance of filtering genome assemblies to avoid misinterpretation of the data, we sought to systematically remove assembled non-firefly contaminant sequence from Ppyr1.2. Using the blobtools toolset (v.1.0.1), we taxonomically annotated our scaffolds by performing a blastn (v2.6.0+) nucleotide sequence similarity search against the NCBI nt database, and a diamond (v. translated nucleotide sequence similarity search against the of Uniprot reference proteomes (July 2017). Using this similarity information, we annotated the scaffolds with blobtools using parameters “-x bestsumorder --rank phylum”.




CC BY 4.0