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Antimicrobial resistance surveillance report, WHO Test Hospital, World Health Organization, 01 Jan 1995 to 31 Jan 1995

posted on 12.01.2021, 00:46 by WHONET
AutoMated tool for Antimicrobial resistance Surveillance System (AMASS) was developed as an offline, open-access and easy-to-use application that allows a hospital to perform data analysis independently and generate isolate-based and sample-based surveillance reports stratified by infection origin from routinely collected electronic databases. AMASS performs data analysis and generates reports automatically. The application can be downloaded from https://www.amass.website

This is a repository of the files for the open-access demonstration file of WHONET. The attached three files are:
1) The AMR surveillance report automatically generated from AMASS using microbiology data of Example_Dataset_1_WHONET (which can also be found in the AMASS folder)
2) Aggregated summary data in .csv format automatically generated from AMASS
3) Data dictionary for microbiology data file of Example_Dataset_1_WHONET (this is generated for the users of WHONET)

Please note that the data dictionary for microbiology data file can be re-used with the data files of the hospital, that are currently using WHONET, in the future in cases when variables names and values in the raw data remained unchanged.