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Analysis of insect behavior between two different habitats: Grassland and Woodlot

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posted on 27.09.2016, 00:54 by Moses NjorogeMoses Njoroge


Habit: Represented by two letters “W” and “G”, “W” will represent woodlot and “G” grassland.

Bowl Color: Bowl color used throughout the experiment. “W” , “Y”, “B” represent white, yellow, and blue respectively.

# Insects: Represent the number of insects present in sample collected.

# Species: Represents the amount of different species observed.


The sample size of the insects collected in the woodlot should be greater in comparison to the grassland. This is because the woodlot is more diverse in comparison to the grassland in terms of plant of species. Next, the white bowl color will stand out more and thus possibly attract more insects than the rest of bowl colors.


The weather condition was not ideal for conducting the experiment, there was light rain and significant cloud cover, the temperature was 15 Celsius. The group partners that assisted in conducting the experiment were Numra, and Candice.  In order to conduct this experiment 10 solo bowls were placed a meter apart from each other in a random location in each habitat. Next, poured soapy water in all of the bowls and set the timer for an hour. A flashlight was used to assist in conducting an accurate account of the insects collected in the solo bowls, due to the poor weather conditions. 


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