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***Outdated, v1*** An IDL routine to estimate the mass of low-mass stars and brown dwarfs

posted on 23.06.2015, 18:51 by Jonathan GagnéJonathan Gagné, David Lafrenière, René Doyon, Lison Malo

***This fileset is outdated. Please refer to the last link below for an up-to-date-version***

This IDL routine uses the 2MASS and WISE J, H, Ks, W1 and W2 apparent magnitudes and the distance of a given object, along with an estimated age range, to determine its most probable mass range using AMES-COND isochrones (Baraffe et al. (2003) in combination with CIFIST2011 BT-SETTL atmosphere models (Allard et al. 2013, Rajpurohit et al. 2013) in a likelihood analysis. Errors on the distance and photometry, when input, are propagated to the estimated mass range. This routine was used to estimate the masses of candidate members in Table 3 of Gagné et al. (2014).

**IMPORTANT NOTE : To be able using this routine, you will have to download the IDL save file named "baraffe_interpol_input.sav" and modify the first line of the "baraffe_interpol.pro" routine to your local path that leads to the file.**

See the main file "banyan_mass.pro" for more information on how to use this routine.

Please cite Gagné et al. 2014, Baraffe et al. 2003, Allard et al. 2013 and Rajpurohit et al. 2013 (see links) if you use this procedure.


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