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All-hazards dataset mined from the US National Incident Management System 1999-2020

posted on 2023-01-10, 03:16 authored by Lise St. DenisLise St. Denis, Karen Short, Kathryn McConnell, Maxwell Cook, Mollie Buckland, Nathan MietkiewiczNathan Mietkiewicz, Jennifer Balch

The file contains the complete set of cleaned all hazards situation reports
ics209-plus_sitreps_1999to2020.csv and files containing deleted sitreps delineated by version (hist1/hist2/curr)

The file contains all wildfire output files including daily situation reports, the wildfire incident summary table, and the ICS-209-Plus complex associations table.
and the wildfire spatiotemporal linkage files at the county, tract, and census block group (cbg) levels, plus files containing deleted sitreps  delineated by version (hist1/hist2/curr)

The file contains all the yearly raw database tables and associated input files needed to run the cleaning algorithm found here:

Code needed to generate the spatiotemporal linkage found here:


The file contains detailed field definitions and fill rates for the Daily Incident Status (sitrep), Wildfire Incident Summary, ICS-209-PLUS Complex Associations Table, as well column definitions for the spatiotemporal linkage and Lookup Table Values.


Funding for the ICS-209-PLUS Dataset was provided through the University of Colorado Boulder’s Grand Challenge Initiative and the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Science (CIRES).

Funding for the ICS-209-PLUS spatiotemporal linkage was supported with funding from the National Science Foundation Sociology Program award number 2001261. It was further supported by the National Science Foundation Human-Environment and Geographical Sciences (HEGS) and Sociology Programs through award number 2117405.


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