Agnostos-wf test dataset

2020-07-14T10:31:14Z (GMT) by Chiara Vanni
Test dataset for the agnostos-wf (

The dataset consists of 3 TARA Ocean surface samples from the Indian Ocean (IO), all within a size fraction of 0.1-0.22 micro-m (giant viruses, archaea and bacteria enriched fraction).

Two samples are used to test the DB-creation module:
TARA_041_SRF_0.1-0.22 (90,135 contigs)
TARA_039_SRF_0.1-0.22 (118,883 contigs)

And one sample is used to test the DB-update module:
TARA_038_SRF_0.1-0.22 (157,925 contigs)

Contextual data for the chosen samples can be found in the file: TARA_IO_samples_contextual_data.tsv.gz