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Additional file 1 of Integration of Dual Stress Transcriptomes and Major QTLs from a Pair of Genotypes Contrasting for Drought and Chronic Nitrogen Starvation Identifies Key Stress Responsive Genes in Rice

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posted on 2021-06-06, 03:17 authored by Amitha Mithra Sevanthi, Subodh Kumar Sinha, Sureshkumar V, Manju Rani, Manish Ranjan Saini, Sapna Kumari, Megha Kaushik, Chandra Prakash, Venkatesh K., G. P. Singh, Trilochan Mohapatra, Pranab Kumar Mandal
Additional file 1: Supplementary Table 1: All differentially expressed genes identified under N-W+, N + W- and N_W- treatments compared to optimal input supply (N + W+) in root and shoot tissues of IR64 and N22. Supplementary Table 2: Comparison of the expression of N transporters, sensors and regulators under various stress treatments in IR64 and N22. Supplementary Table 3: Comparison of the expression of known transcription factors (TFs) under various stress treatments in IR64 and N22. Supplementary Table 4: Comparison of the expression of novel (not annotated) genes under various stress treatments in IR64 and N22. Supplementary Table 5: Comparison of plant hormone metabolism genes and their receptors under various stress treatments in IR64 and N22. Supplementary Table 6: Comparison of the expression profile of the genes and QTLs known for Nitrogen use efficiency. Supplementary Table 7: Details of primers designed for validation of the DEGs identified from transcriptome analysis by qPCR assay. Supplementary Table 8: SNPs in the two major QTL hotspot regions identified on chromosomes 1 and 6. Supplementary Table 9: Relative water content (%) under optimal and all the three stress conditions measured in an independent experiment. Supplementary Table 10: DEGS identified in genes encoding for major enzymes involved in C and N skeleton. Supplementary Table 11: Details of variations in cis elements between IR64 and N22 genotypes for 20 N transporter, N regulator, TOND1, Dof genes and candidate genes identified from the major QTLs mapped in the present study. Supplementary Table 12: miRNAs in the candidate genes present in interval of the QTL hotspot region identified on chromosome 6. Supplementary Table 13: Comparison of expression of DE ABA related genes under different stress treatments in two rice genotypes N22 and IR64.


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