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Additional file 17 of Multi-omics integration identifies key upstream regulators of pathomechanisms in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy due to truncating MYBPC3 mutations

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posted on 2021-03-25, 08:38 authored by J. Pei, M. Schuldt, E. Nagyova, Z. Gu, S. el Bouhaddani, L. Yiangou, M. Jansen, J. J. A. Calis, L. M. Dorsch, C. Snijders Blok, N. A. M. van den Dungen, N. Lansu, B. J. Boukens, I. R. Efimov, M. Michels, M. C. Verhaar, R. de Weger, A. Vink, F. G. van Steenbeek, A. F. Baas, R. P. Davis, H. W. Uh, D. W. D. Kuster, C. Cheng, M. Mokry, J. van der Velden, F. W. Asselbergs, M. Harakalova
Additional file 17: Table S9 The acetylation and mRNA expression levels of included cell-type-specific markers


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