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A simple spreadsheet for estimating low-effect concentrations and associated confidence intervals with logistic dose response curves

posted on 31.01.2019, 05:15 authored by Mary BarnesMary Barnes, Raymond Correll, Daryl Stevens

A simple spreadsheet has been developed to estimate low effect concentrations for continuous responses (e.g. plant weights and heights). The spreadsheet allows the user to enter data in Excel (a package with which they familiar). The user enters sensible starting values using suggestions and interactive graphics, which increases the likelihood of finding an optimal solution.

The EC of interest is graphically presented along with it’s associated 95% confidence intervals (CIs).

The benefits of this spreadsheet program include:

* Graphical and tabular presentation of results , starting values and confidence intervals.

* Regularly finds a solution die to graphical interface.

* Wide variety of uses (e.g. bio-availability and toxicity of metals or pesticides to plants, worms and a range of indicator organisms and aquatic species)

This was presented at SETAC Asia/Pacific Conference, NZ 28/Sep/2003-1/Oct/2003. Requests for the spreadsheet 15 years later continue to encourage the spreadsheet authors.


Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research