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A multispeaker dataset of raw and reconstructed speech production real-time MRI video and 3D volumetric images

posted on 2021-02-10, 18:29 authored by Yongwan LimYongwan Lim, Asterios Toutios, Yannick Bliesener, Ye Tian, Sajan Goud Lingala, Colin Vaz, Tanner Sorensen, Miran Oh, Sarah Harper, Weiyi Chen, Yoonjeong Lee, Johannes Töger, Mairym Lloréns Montesserin, Caitlin Smith, Bianca Godinez, Louis Goldstein, Dani Byrd, Krishna S Nayak, Shrikanth Narayanan
Real-time magnetic resonance imaging (RT-MRI) of human speech production is enabling significant advances in speech science, linguistics, bio-inspired speech technology development, and clinical applications. Easy access to RT-MRI is however limited, and comprehensive datasets with broad access are needed to catalyze research across numerous domains. The imaging of the rapidly moving articulators and dynamic airway shaping during speech demands high spatio-temporal resolution and robust reconstruction methods. Further, while reconstructed images have been published, to-date there is no open dataset providing raw multi-coil RT-MRI data from an optimized speech production experimental setup. Such datasets could enable new and improved methods for dynamic image reconstruction, artifact correction, feature extraction, and direct extraction of linguistically-relevant biomarkers.

The present dataset offers a unique corpus of 2D sagittal-view RT-MRI videos along with synchronized audio for 75 subjects performing linguistically motivated speech tasks, alongside the corresponding first-ever public domain raw RT-MRI data. The dataset also includes 3D volumetric vocal tract MRI during sustained speech sounds and high-resolution static anatomical T2-weighted upper airway MRI for each subject.

Included are the following files: contains the entire dataset of 75 subjects contains only files of 2D RT-MRI videos of 75 subjects contains only files of T2-weighted images of 75 subjects contains only files of 3D volumetric images of 75 subjects contains all files of 1 subject (sub001)
metafile_public_20210129.json: contains meta information
Subjects.xlsx: contains demographic information for each subject
Stimuli.pptx: contains the experimental stimuli including scripts and pictures used for the visualization to the subjects


National Science Foundation Grant 1514544

National Institutes of Health Grant R01DC007124

National Science Foundation Grant 1908865