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A gravity-derived Moho model for South America: source code, data, and model results from "Fast non-linear gravity inversion in spherical coordinates with application to the South American Moho"

posted on 2016-10-07, 16:07 authored by Leonardo UiedaLeonardo Uieda, Valeria C. F. BarbosaValeria C. F. Barbosa
Published in the Geophysical Journal International:

The gravity-derived Moho model for South America is in file model/south-american-moho.txt

The image file "south-american-moho.png" is a preview of the model along side the differences between our model and the seismological estimates of Assumpção et al. (2013, In this figure, dotted lines represent the boundaries between major geologic provinces. AD: Andean Province, AFB: Andean foreland basins, AM: Amazonas Basin, BR: Brazilian Shield, BO: Borborema province, CH: Chaco Basin, GB: Guyana Basin, GU: Guyana Shield, PB: Parnaíba Basin, PC: Parecis Basin, PR: Paraná Basin, PT: Patagonia province, SF: São Francisco Craton, SM: Solimões Basin. Solid orange lines mark the limits of the main lithospheric plates. AF: Africa Plate, AN: Antarctica Plate, CA: Caribbean Plate, CO: Cocos Plate, SA: South America Plate, SC: Scotia Plate, NZ: Nazca Plate. The solid light grey line is the 35 km Moho depth contour.

This is snapshot of the git repository hosted on Github:

See file for information about running the code and reproducing the rests.

An open-access postprint PDF of the article can be found at:

All source code is available under the BSD 3-clause license (see
The model results in file model/south-american-moho.txt are available under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License (CC-BY).


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