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A dataset of 30-meter annual vegetation phenology indicators (1985-2015) in urban areas of the conterminous United States

posted on 28.05.2019, 05:36 authored by Xuecao Li, Yuyu ZhouYuyu Zhou, Lin Meng, Ghassem Asrar, Chaoqun lu, qiusheng wu
Data description:

This product provides annual (1985-2015) 30-m vegetation phenology (i.e., start of season-SOS; end of season-EOS) in urban areas of the conterminous United States, including:

(1) Information about urban clusters
*** uCluster_USA_gt500.zip (format: ESRI shapefile): bounding box of each urban cluster with the cluster ID and cityName. The ESRI file can be opened by many opensource softwares (e.g., QGIS)
*** US_uCluster_UrbanRuralExtents.zip: spatial extent of urban clusters (‘US_uCluster_label.tif’) and urban and surrounding rural clusters (‘US_uCluster_label_withRural.tif’).

(2) Phenology dataset
In each zip file, it includes three phenology datasets:
*** annual SOS from 1985-2015 for each urban cluster
*** annual EOS from 1985-2015 for each urban cluster
*** COR: correlation of fitted double logistic curve to the observed EVIS for each pixel. The COR should be divided by 10000, and it serves as an uncertainty layer to indicate the fitting performance of the double logistic model.

Any questions about this data can be corresponded to Prof. Yuyu Zhou (zhouyuyu@gmail.com)




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