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A Traditional Synthetic Method, and a New Structural Motif, for Molybdenum−Gold Clusters:  Synthesis and Solid-State Structure of Au8{Mo(CO)5}4(PPh3)4

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posted on 2006-10-16, 00:00 authored by Roberto Della Pergola, Luigi Garlaschelli, Maria Carlotta Malatesta, Carlo Manassero, Mario Manassero
The neutral cluster [Au8Mo4(CO)20(PPh3)4] was synthesized in low yield from [AuCl(PPh3)] and [Mo2(CO)10]2- in acetonitrile at room temperature. The cluster was characterized by X-ray analysis, IR, and 31P NMR spectroscopy. Its solid-state structure consists of four Au3Mo tetrahedral units, fused by four Au atoms in a ring. The average bond lengths are Au−Au 2.77 Å and Mo−Au 2.93 Å. The internal angles of the planar square ring are very close to 90°.