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A Digital Elevation Model for Cyprus based on the ALOS 2 W3D30 Digital Surface Model

posted on 07.04.2016, 05:57 by Charalambos Paraskeva
For a description of the DEM and the steps for its compilation see or download the accompanying pdf document .

For the DEM and Hillshade data, download the zip file.

Files and information are also available here: https://www.academia.edu/23922627/A_Digital_Elevation_Model_for_Cyprus_based_on_the_ALOS_2_W3D30_Digital_Surface_Model

All data for the production of this DEM are © Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA).
Data used for the production of the 1:5000 coastline used to clip the DEM are © Department of Lands and Surveys Cyprus (DLS).

The dataset is available to use with no charge and is provided under the same conditions set by JAXA, as follows:
- When the user provides or publishes the products and services to a third party using this dataset, it is necessary to display that the original data is provided by JAXA.
- You are kindly requested to show the copyright (© JAXA) and the source of data, when you publish the fruits using this dataset.
- JAXA does not guarantee the quality and reliability of this dataset and JAXA assume no responsibility whatsoever for any direct or indirect damage and loss caused by use of this dataset. Also, JAXA will not be responsible for any damages of users due to changing, deleting or terminating the provision of this dataset.