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AOSLO single-cone color naming data files

posted on 09.02.2018, 17:15 by Brian SchmidtBrian Schmidt, Ramkumar Sabesan, William Tuten, Jay Neitz, AUSTIN JOHN ROORDAAUSTIN JOHN ROORDA
Mosaic files contain xy location values and cone types of a mosaic of 600-800 cones. Cone types are encoded as follows: L=3, M=2, S=1.

Single cone color naming data collected on a white or blue background are collected in the other files for subjects 10001 and 20076. 

Each row corresponds to a targeted cone. The x,y locations of that cone in the mosaic are recorded in the first two columns. Third column = cone type. The fourth column is the ID of that cone in the corresponding mosaic file. 

Each cone was targeted at least 20 times. After each flash (500 ms; 543 nm), the subject reported the appearance of the flash with a single button press. The subject described the flash as: not seen (n.s.), white, red, green, blue or yellow. The number of times the button corresponding to each response was observed for each cone is tallied in the column corresponding to that category.

Relative to the white condition that produces roughly equal activation across the three cone types, the blue background increased the quantal catch of S-cones by ~134%. L- and M-cones were altered less so: activity decreased by ~19% and ~7% in L- and M-cones, respectively.