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3D surfaces of primate skulls from my dissertation, "Macroevolution of primate skull shape: combining geometric morphometrics and phylogenetic comparative methods"

posted on 11.03.2018, 14:24 by Randi GriffinRandi Griffin
This repository contains 3D surface data used in my dissertation on the evolution of the primate skull.

1. specimen_metadata.csv contains information about the original specimens, including taxonomic information, sex, and museum ID numbers.

2. 3d_surfaces.zip contains the 3D surface files in PLY format.

See the GitHub repository for my dissertation for access to R code and other data from my dissertation, including landmark coordinates derived from the PLY files, primate trait data, and a primate phylogeny: https://github.com/rgriff23/Dissertation


This research was supported by an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. Funding for de novo scans came from NSF BCS 1552848.


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