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1000 Empirical Time series

posted on 05.08.2021, 23:09 by Ben FulcherBen Fulcher
A diverse selection of 1000 empirical time series, along with results of an hctsa feature extraction, using v1.06 of hctsa and Matlab 2019b, computed on a server at The University of Sydney.

The results of the computation are in the hctsa file, HCTSA_Empirical1000.mat for use in Matlab using v1.06 of hctsa.

The same data is also provided in .csv format for the hctsa_datamatrix.csv (results of feature computation), with information about rows (time series) in hctsa_timeseries-info.csv, information about columns (features) in hctsa_features.csv (and corresponding hctsa code used to compute each feature in hctsa_masterfeatures.csv), and the data of individual time series (each line a time series, for time series described in hctsa_timeseries-info.csv) is in hctsa_timeseries-data.csv.

These .csv files were produced by running >>OutputToCSV(HCTSA_Empirical1000.mat,true,true); in hctsa.

The input file, INP_Empirical1000.mat, is for use with hctsa, and contains the time-series data and metadata for the 1000 time series. For example, massive feature extraction from these data on the user's machine, using hctsa, can proceed as
>> TS_Init('INP_Empirical1000.mat');

Some visualizations of the dataset are in CarpetPlot.png (first 1000 samples of all time series as a carpet (color) plot) and 150TS-250samples.png (conventional time-series plots of the first 250 samples of a sample of 150 time series from the dataset). More visualizations can be performed by the user using TS_PlotTimeSeries from the hctsa package.

See links in references for more comprehensive documentation for performing methodological comparison using this dataset, and on how to download and use v1.06 of hctsa.


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