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Non-contact method for studying biological tissues

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posted on 2021-05-07, 06:34 authored by Dmitry SimankovDmitry Simankov, Г.Г. Спирин, Д.В. Василевский
9th International Conference "Aviation and Cosmonautics-2010". Abstracts. Pp. 152-153.
ISBN 978-5-905176-17-3, Ed. MAI
(9-я Международная конференция «Авиация и космонавтика-2010». Тезисы. Стр 152-153.
ISBN 978-5-905176-17-3, Изд. МАИ)

The thermoregulation system of a pilot or astronaut is based on thermal processes. Correct calculation of heat transfer requires knowledge of the thermophysical characteristics of the integumentary tissues (skin) of a medical and biological object. The known methods of their research with violation of the integrity of the tissue, which, in the general case, can lead to to data corruption.

The proposed method is based on probing an object with
surface by non-stationary temperature fields at different depths. The temperature at the interface between the sensor and the object under study is recorded. The measurement is carried out at the stage of an irregular thermal regime.

Experimental data were obtained on the thermal conductivity and thermal activity of various areas of the skin of a medical and biological object. The experimental data can be used to calculate the thermal diffusivity and volumetric heat capacity. The temperature dependence of the thermal conductivity and thermal activity of skin areas in the range of 15-40 ° C was obtained. The measurement error does not exceed 5%.


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