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Device "Mode-1" for measuring thermophysical properties various substances and materials

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posted on 2021-05-03, 10:20 authored by Dmitry SimankovDmitry Simankov
11th International Conference "Aviation and Cosmonautics-2012". Abstracts. Pages 394-395.
ISBN 978-5-905176-17-3, Ed. MAI
(11-я Международная конференция «Авиация и космонавтика-2012». Тезисы. Стр 394-395.
ISBN 978-5-905176-17-3, Изд. МАИ)

Within the framework of the UMNIK program, a device for measuring dynamically changing thermophysical characteristics of various substances and materials called "Mode-1" is being created. The device is based on a non-stationary heating method, namely a pulsed irregular thermal regime or a "hot thread" method. The main advantage of the method is the ability to carry out measurements not distorted by radiation transfer, as well as the minimum time of the experiment and the size of the measuring cell without violating its integrity (in vivo). The end result of R&D will be the device itself, sensors and a software package for it, which will allow building graphs of temperature versus time, thermal conductivity versus temperature, thermal activity versus temperature, heat flux versus time, thermal resistance versus temperature, volumetric heat capacity versus temperature with constant density body), kinematic (dynamic) viscosity of liquids from temperature, and it is also possible to measure
molecular weight of polymeric and polymerizing liquids.
In addition, it will be possible to determine the temperatures of homogeneous nucleation of organic liquids in a metastable state. The main difference between the created device "Mode-1" from the known installations is that it is a device with the declared hardware with an error of 1% and a lower percentage in terms of reproducibility of results, capable of measuring 5 channels simultaneously. The created device is also distinguished by the fact that it can carry out measurements at a dynamically changing temperature of the investigated substance, and the substance can be both solids and liquids, gases, biomaterials, plastic materials, magnetic and metastable liquids and others, except for powdery and granular conductors. The complex of scientific tasks has been expanded by such an important innovation as the study of thermophysical characteristics in alternating and constant electric and / or magnetic fields, as well as the influence of ionizing radiation.
The "Mode-1" device is designed for different time intervals of the pulse duration. The range of measured temperatures depends on the sensors and is from -270 ° C to + 1600 ° C, pressure from 0.1 to 150 atm, temperature change rate up to 200 ° / min.
Documents are being prepared for accreditation in Rosstandart, FSUE
"VNIIMS" and FGANU CITiS, as well as a patent application (invention).


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