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posted on 2016-10-02, 01:20 authored by Andy StockAndy Stock
The EcoImpactMapper is an easy-to use open source software tool for mapping human impacts on marine ecosystems. It is based on the additive human impact model suggested by Halpern et al. ("A global map of human impact on marine ecosystems", Science, 2008).

Since version 1.2 (October 1, 2016) the EcoImpactMapper supports uncertainty and sensitivity analysis as in Stock & Micheli (2016, Effects of model assumptions and data quality on spatial cumulative human impact assessments, Global Ecology and Biogeography). The new version also supports alternative multiple stressor effects models and data transformations.

The EcoImpactMapper is work in progress. This Figshare site will be periodically updated with a new stable, well-tested version. This includes source code. The newest in-progress code is on Github (link below).